January 15th. First flood warnings of the year for Britain.

The areas of Britain most affected by floods in July of last year – the picture shows sandbags being delivered then, perhaps a little after the event – are now receiving their first flood warnings of the year. A word or two from local residents from the bbc report this morning…..

Kelly Bartlett, of the Longlevens Flood Committee in Gloucester, one of the city’s worst-affected wards, said the council had begun last-ditch efforts to widen and deepen the brook which runs through her area and residents were busy lining the streets with sandbags.

“We’ve only just moved back into our homes after the flooding last summer,” she said.

“It’s ridiculous. We can’t live like this, every time it rains we’re running home to save our possessions.”

Many flood warnings have remained in place since Friday, when flash flooding brought roads and railways to a standstill.

The agency said it expected the number of flood warnings to increase as the bad weather crossed Britain.

A spokeswoman said people in areas where warnings are in place should take action against potential flooding of homes and businesses.

The agency advised people to continually check the flood information section of the Environment Agency website, which is updated every 15 minutes.

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