Ken to take £25 per 4×4

Whatever your views of SUV owners, Ken doesn’t like them. Mind you, it’s my belief he doesn’t really like any owners of private vehicles. Whatever, I don’t think that £25 is going to do anything to discourage someone who can splash out £35,000 on their motor. I found this story on yahoo uk news

Gas-guzzling vehicles such as 4×4 “Chelsea tractors” will have to pay a daily charge of £25 to enter London’s congestion charge zone from October this year under new plans.

Owners of the 4×4 vehicles, as well as some high-powered sports cars and luxury vehicles, will see the charge rising from the current £8 a day as part of London Mayor Ken Livingstone’s plan to reduce the capital’s greenhouse gas emissions.

Part of the new congestion charging regime will also see, from October 27, cars with the lowest carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions receiving a 100% discount from the daily charge.

Mr Livingstone said: “Nobody needs to damage the environment by driving a gas-guzzling Chelsea tractor in central London. The CO2 emissions from the most high-powered 4x4s and sports cars can be up to four times as great as the least polluting cars.

“The CO2 charge will encourage people to switch to cleaner vehicles or public transport and ensure that those who choose to carry on driving the most polluting vehicles help pay for the environmental damage they cause.”

He said he hoped his initiative would have an impact throughout the world, with other cities following suit.

He said Transport for London would closely monitor the scheme, adding that the new scheme was flexible and that the charges and exemptions could be varied in the future.

The new charging regime will mean that the majority of cars will still pay the current charge of £8 a day.

The £25 charge will apply to vehicles emitting more than 225 grams of CO2 per kilometre (g/k), as well as those registered before March 2001 which have engines larger than 3,000cc.

Those vehicles getting a 100% discount from October will emit less than 120g/k. Of cars currently being driven in the congestion charging zone 17% would be liable for the £25 charge and just 2% for the total discount.

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