What I am reading

I am making my recommended reading less poncey this year.
I am going to focus more on what I am reading right now, just with a view to sharing really.
So here goes:

For Whom the Bell Tolls
by Hemingway


    by William Kennedy

The Computer and the Brain

    by John von Neumann

What have you really enjoyed reading this year? Do drop me a line – it would be good to hear your recommendation in return. readingreccs@justastory.co.uk

I’ve made the titles below link to the actual books,  in amazon and abebooks which are all books I have read recently and really enjoyed

Everything is illuminated A  clever writer indeed – shows off a lot, annoys a lot of my friends by being too flashy – but I still enjoyed reading this very much

The Radetsky March This was recommended to me by a literary critic. It’s a fantastic novel in the old fashioned style – a bit like reading a mainstream Thomas Hardy but with a more modern sensibility.

The Lovely Bones Dark, dark, dark. Very disturbing and not for the faint hearted. Very well written though.

Housekeeping You don’t get to win a Pulitzer Prize unless you’re pretty darn good. (The one this writer won with is listed later but this one should have been there really in 1980) Magnificently cool, laid back novel.

The Corrections A book which reeks of today but has some of the best aspects of Victorian fiction. Even reminded me of early Aldous Huxley. Extremely accomplished and a darn good read. A lot about madness which is  relevant to us all.

Mao II by delillo – much better than his later work – a trip tip-toeing round cults, obsessions and life in the Moonies

A Good Scent from a Strange Mountain Fantastic collection of short stories in an individual style – leaving a unique echo – and tastes of Vietnam

Gilead A modern masterpiece, quiet and assured,  about the lost spirituality of this age, a work that stays with you a long time after you have read it. Not easy reading – but worth it.

Cloud Atlas This book is weird. You get the feeling you shouldn’t be liking it, it’s too uncool. But it will grip you like no other. Don’t like his other work much but this is a gem.

Riddley Walker When my friends Jane and Jim recommended The Road to me, I read it loved it and said it’s homage to Riddley Walker – and to my surprise neither of them had come across it. It’s a one off. Brilliant.

The Road Dark, depressing, bleak, compelling. Highly recommended.

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