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Cyclists jumping red lights meet the blues and twos.

I’ve seen quite a few stories today about cyclists and red lights. Somewhat sheepishly I admit to being amused at the sight of mountain biking policemen chasing cyclists down who had jumped red lights and booking them. It’s mainly to do with the comment of the AA man who rescued me off the hard shoulder on the A3 two days ago. What did those mountain biking policemen do in a previous role that caused them to endure such demotion? In a spirit of even handed-ness (not usual for me) I have included the views of a raving Tory from Chelsea and opposed them with those of radical bikers soon after…..

I was crossing the street with a friend this morning. The traffic light was red and the pedestrian cross signal was green. There was literally no traffic on the road except for one bicyclist. We step into the crosswalk- does cyclist stop? Yeah right. These days, I would be more surprised if he had. Upon almost being mowed down by this idiot, my companion said ‘Hey that’s a red light, mister!’ The cyclist stopped long enough to yell ‘F*** you!’ and pedal off. Did I mention my companion was my 4 yo daughter?

Sadly, this is not an isolated incident, as my wife tells me cyclists run red lights all the time when she walks our children to and from school.

That appeared on the bbc site. Followed by….

Car drivers are killers, some of them are quite open about their pathological hatred of cyclists. It is ridiculous to try to “deal with those motivations one by one” These are people who are so selfish they are destroying the whole planet just because they are too lazy to walk or pedal.

Cyclists should always have priority because we aren’t polluting the planet and our vehicles do not endanger anyone. The right to jump red lights should be enshrined in law, that would stop motorists complaining about us breaking the law.

Comment by Jake — 12 March 2006 @ 3:09

the old Stop Sign debate
car drivers exceeding the speed limit always yell at me to stop at the stop signs
when I am doing just as they are doing… modifying the laws a bit
the only difference is that I have not removed common sense and common courtesy out of the equation
I am viewing the sign as a yeild sign
giving other users the right of way, the right to their space, and most importantly their right to safety
speeding cars move about the city as if they were old steam engines with cow catchers attached to their front bumpers
forcing pedestrians and cyclist to fend for themselves

for the most part…
a cyclist running the stop sign is moving to everyone’s advantage
the momentum favors the movement of traffic
if I made complete stops at each and every stop sign
not only would it defeat the purpose of moving about the city via bicycle
there would be a line of cars waiting for me to make my complete stop
the for me to slowly regain momentum and then top speed

I would like to see cars make a complete stop at stop signs…
rather than rolling through the stop line
walkers, joggers, women with strollers, small children, and cyclists are all at risk from the ignorant movement of the average car driver (I can only speak of the assholes in the united states)
seems that the car drivers here in the states are all stuck in auto-pilot
and they have lost some of their sensibilities
I think that they need to
hmmmm… was it the beastie boys that said
“you better check yourself before you wreck yourself”?
or worse yet
before the wreck someone else

the worse case scenario is aweful
but someone blocking the box is bad enough

Comment by gwadzilla — 13 March 2006 @

These are from the velorution site. For me, gwadzilla’s comment reads like a modern poem. Call me pretentious. Go on, I know you want to.