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War veteran says “no” to £10million for his £60K house. There’s hope for us all.

I heard this story on the Today programme and later found it in Metro.

Jack Holsgrove has created a one-man property gloom after vowing to stay firmly beached in one of the world’s most expensive coastal retreats, Sandbanks shown above in Dorset.

He has been bombarded by multi-million-pound offers from estate agents and developers eager to buy his home of 35 years.

Sadly for them, Mr Holsgrove is refusing to budge. After all, his three teenage granddaughters probably wouldn’t approve.

‘They could offer me £50million, but I won’t change my mind. My granddaughters love coming on holiday here. They’d kill me if I sold up,’ said the 86-year-old.

The World War II veteran, who helped develop the bouncing bomb, paid £60,000 in 1972 for his five-bedroom beachfront house in Sandbanks in Poole, Dorset.

In 2001, a £1million flat sale made it the fourth most expensive neighbourhood in the world behind Hong Kong, Tokyo and Belgravia.

‘Britain’s Monte Carlo’ soon had the super-rich jostling for a view of the world’s second-largest natural harbour after Sydney.

It is now home to the likes of Portsmouth football manager Harry Redknapp, son Jamie and his pop star wife, Louise. Mr Holsgrove’s neighbours recently sold up for £12million and he now receives offers of up to £10million.

But the former property developer has shown each frustrated estate agent the door.

‘I’m just not interested. What would I do with £10million?’ he asked.