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I found this book_smarts entry today, recommended by someone else. It’s a quick story in a neat information delivery package and I liked it for that. I wasn’t keen on the rest of the book_smarts inclusions, but this one hit a note for me, reminding me of the core sentiments in Viktor Frankl’s work.

Frankl suggests this scenario: you go to the doctor one day and he tells you that you are terminally ill, there is no cure, you have six weeks to live.

How would you change your life in order to fully live through your last weeks?

Once you have considered that, he bowls one more curving ball.

You’re going to die anyway. All that’s different is that someone has told you when the deadline is.

Now ask yourself the question again, what are you going to do to make things different? How are you going to change?

This is a route to some of Frankl’s key works and ideas if you are interested in reading more. Frankl’s thinking was given to me by a lady called Christiana. Thanks again for that Christiana. If you read this, I hope you are well.

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