Your life in six words. Well?

Hemingway’s six word story, the original idea for this theme was:For sale. Baby shoes. Never used.

I remember reading this years ago. However an American online magazine called Smith has picked up the reins on this and now brought out a whole book of the six worders. There’s a fab looking graphic novel about New Orleans there too. Nice work, Smith people. Today, Smith CEO Larry Smith spoke on the Today programme on BBC radio 4. This inspired listeners to write in with their own six word life stories, as below. Mine is: Traumatic experience. Eyes now wide open.
Any contributions?

I knew I could be happy!
Sandra Quigley

Foetus, son, brother, husband, father, vegetable.
Dick Hadfield

Head in books, feet in flowers.
Heather Thomson

Trust me, I did my best.
Ray Kemp

Wrong era ,Wrong Class, Wrong Gender.
Patsy Wheatcroft

Love Mountains both ups and downs.
Dennis Lee

Wasted my whole life getting comfortable.
Richard Merrington

An embroidered sampler, with some unpicking.
Sian Martin

Worry about tomorrow, rarely enjoy today!
Richard Rabone

Dazed and confused? No. Existential angst.
Chris Miles

Pass the bottle before clarity returns
Gail Edmans

Luckily, never got my first wish.
Theo Matoff

Lifetime partner, love, laughs – what now?
Peter Elvish

I’m just happy to be here!
Graham Marsh

Four Weddings, Three kids, then cancer.
Gillian Johnson

Intermitent loves here, there, now, then.
Paul Wingett

30 years two girls now branching.
Davina Marshall

Not quite finished, tell you later.
Dave Nicholson

Really should have been a Lawyer.
Gules Fallan

Hasn’t Been A Jane Austen Romance.
Alexandra Lackey

Bored, so bored, so very bored.
John Doyle

Run over twice, thankfully still alive.
Trudi Evans

Aged child actress still seeking fame.

Married childhood sweetheart. Two kids. Content.
Steve McMullen

Born London, lived elsewhere, died inside.

Partner, pension, motorhome, life is good.
Bob Lindblom

Some no-balls but several boundaries.
Di Attwood

Apple leads to eviction of two.
Una McMorran

Unfortunately I didn’t buy the t-shirt.
Caroline Ryan

Philosopher, fire-eater, barrister, careering through life.
Duncan Roy

My life? Six words? God knows.
Helen Underwood

Knight on white charger never showed.
Jane Kirk

No A Levels but a millionaire.
C North

Jennie, Emma, Jane, Sophie, Rose, happiness.
Peter Graham

Any chance I could start again?
Sunny Tailor

Lived, loved, laughed liberally and left.
Vince Horsman

Found it, Lost it, Found it.
Lucinda Lavelle

Worked all life still paying taxes.
John Ball

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